Strategic Intervention

Each of our cases is unique, with its own set of challenges. With confidence earned through years of managing complex situations, we work with our clients to develop effective strategies and solutions to roadblocks that may arise.

Assessment and Case Formulation

We assess each of our client’s needs carefully, beginning with in­-depth conversations with family members, our client (when appropriate), and allied professionals. We then review information provided in previous psychological and/or educational evaluations and school records. We weave into that an overview of our client’s intellectual, emotional and social abilities and interests. Sometimes, to supplement what we know, we recommend further evaluation either before or in the beginning stages of treatment. This offers a road map for charting the course of treatment, helping everyone involved to differentiate between the symptoms and the real problem, and then pinpoint the treatment(s) that will help our client succeed.

Program Placement

Choosing the most appropriate treatment program is a complex decision. Since we have personally visited and maintain strong relationships with a large number of programs and professionals, we are able to recommend from hundreds of options the programs particularly suited to our client. We make the process explicit, explaining at each step the criteria we use to formulate our recommendations. Once our clients make an informed decision, we continue to support them in the application and admissions process. From securing a space to making important introductions prior to arrival and the many other small but important details, we make placement go as smoothly as possible.

Transition Planning

Experience has shown us that an “all­ or ­nothing” approach to treatment rarely achieves the best results and that our clients’ goals are more likely to be reached when they are provided with a continuum of support that fits each stage of their recovery. When our clients are ready to transition, we offer recommendations and resources that will enable them to continue their progress. Our transition planning is tailored to each client with the goal of sustaining the changes they’ve made while supporting them as they strive to achieve their long term goals and potential.

Case Monitoring

High caliber treatment programs and professionals are transparent about and accountable for the care they provide. They understand the role consultants play and communicate with us regularly. They understand that an integrated team serves the client best. Once our client is placed in treatment, we monitor their progress to ensure that they are responding well and making the progress we think is possible. If a problem arises that requires our help, our clients can call on us to represent their interests and advocate on their behalf. Our case monitoring system is designed to ensure the quality and efficacy of treatment, as well as to help us plan for a successful transition once treatment is finished.

Customized Home Placement

We do not subscribe to a “one ­size ­fits ­all” approach. Our goal is to create the most effective strategy for success with the least amount of disruption in the lives of our clients and their families. In some cases, this may mean a shorter stay in treatment, followed by a customized plan for home or away at college. At other times we create and manage an appropriate support plan that bridges the gap between outpatient and out­-of­-home treatment, thus allowing our clients to stay in their current environment.