The Experience

The Experience – Working with Finney Consulting

We neither solicit nor accept compensation from the programs, schools, or professionals to which we refer.

Most people who come to us have spent a good deal of time trying to identify and navigate the myriad of options available to help someone they love. Some find themselves in crisis, while others have been seeking a more effective solution for months or even years. Often, our families feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to make critical decisions.

Throughout the process, we are available to answer any questions you may have.
Throughout the process, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

Once we accept your case and you have filled out our forms, we begin to gather and review relevant documents (ie. transcripts, evaluations, treatment records). We develop a comprehensive picture of each client, learning more about their history, current struggles, cognitive and social abilities, personality style, strengths, family dynamics, etc. We then conduct interviews with allied treatment providers such as therapists, doctors or educators to gain their insight and feedback.

We factor in every detail about your case and identify the best suited programs and protocols. We then go a step further and vet potential programs as they currently stand, considering current clientele, availability of specific therapists, group culture, etc., which enhances our ability to craft a detailed and holistic recommendation.

Our intention when presenting recommendations is to create a collaborative and transparent process with the goal of ensuring that our clients make the most informed choices. We begin by providing an overview of our assessment, describing our findings and how we view the critical issues.

We then outline a plan, including a thorough discussion of the resources (programs, people, services) selected in each case and why we have chosen them.

We monitor your loved one’s treatment and communicate on their progress.
We monitor your loved one’s treatment and communicate on their progress.

Next, we introduce our clients to the leadership personnel at their top choices, inviting them to engage independently with the programs prior to making a final decision.

After a decision has been made, we can help you coordinate whatever steps are necessary to move forward with the plan you have chosen. From that point on, we monitor our clients’ progress, engage in various aspects of treatment planning, assist with problem solving when needed, assess and make recommendations for transitional support and aftercare.

As a result of our firsthand knowledge gained through decades of visiting and tracking the top treatment programs in the world, we refer only to those facilities that maintain the highest levels of care. However, we are still engaging in a very human process.  Should issues arise, we expect accountability and timely, appropriate action. We advocate for our client, ensuring they receive the highest caliber service. We are committed to providing our clients with resources, support and advocacy throughout their journey.

It is important to understand the role of an effective consultant not only in recommending the most appropriate resources, but also in demanding accountability in the delivery of high quality treatment.

Sarah Finney and her dog

Sarah Finney and Ernie (Employee of the Year)


Sarah Finney stands out among the handful of the best in her field. She is clinically trained and experienced, is “hands on” with her cases, and is extremely well informed as to the best treatment resources in the United States and Canada.

Jeff, PhD
CEO and Executive Director
Psychiatric Treatment Center
Los Angeles

Thank you Sarah for giving our daughter the opportunity to recognize her potential and become the amazing woman that she is!

Parent, Salt Lake City, UT

Sarah fights for what her clients need–even when that fight is hard, uncomfortable or treacherous.  Parents and struggling young people are lucky to have Sarah on their team.

Molly, LCSW
Director, Outpatient Treatment Program
New York, NY

I trust Sarah and I listen to her advice because
she took the time to know me.

Client, Toronto, Canada

“Saving our daughter’s life” should be listed under Sarah’s credits.

Carol and Dennis
Parents, Granbury, TX

As I sit here writing this I am over three years abstinent from my eating disorder and just shy of six years sober. I have an incredibly full life filled with hopes and dreams for the future. Thank you so much Sarah for helping me and my family in our darkest moments.

Client, Los Angeles, CA